• Name : Marilyn Ines Rodriguez
  • Country : U'S'A'
  • Website : http://www'marilynrodriguez'com/

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.Ben Franklin said, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing
about. “I may might add, “Why not do BOTH?”
Marilyn I. Rodriguez has been a dedicated professional sculptor and classical sculpture teacher since 1996. She resides in San Francisco, California, where she received extensive training as a classical sculptor. She is considered to be one of the top sculptors on the West Coast. Ms. Rodriguez’s powerful style depicts a strong sense of movement, energy, and elegance that is easily recognized throughout her work.
Ms. Rodriguez’s awaited book entitled “The Human Skeletal System, from an Artist’s Perspective” will be published in November 2011.
Since 1996 Ms. Rodriguez has enjoyed teaching Classical Sculpture classes from her San Francisco studio. She also offeres ongoing live sculpture demonstrations in the Rodin Gallery of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco, CA.
Her bronze sculptures are deliberately kept to limited editions of twelve, or less, thus enhancing the value of her work for serious collectors caring about the exclusivity and appreciation of their art collection.
Ms. Rodriguez’s subjects include the human figure, portraits, horses, and wild animals. Her bronze horse sculptures have won national competitions and Best in Show awards. Her work is currently represented in various galleries nationwide.
Upon the recommendation of the Fine Arts Museums in San Francisco, Ms. Rodriguez has been asked by the Maybeck Foundation to sculpt a life-size five-figure classical sculpture fountain for the Palace of Fine Arts Lagoon in San Francisco. Each figure will depict a different racial background representing San Francisco’s rich cultural diversity. All five figures will be dancing around an eighteen-foot water spout emerging from the center of the circle.
Ms. Rodriguez is an exceptionally prolific artist. Her style ranges from magnificent classical representation to evocative contemporary abstract form.
“Feeling a genuine connection with both classical and contemporary styles allows me to communicate my wide range of human emotions in a much more individual, powerful and fulfilling way.” ~Marilyn I. Rodriguez
Having recently started her own home-decor business, rodzaldesigns.com, Ms. Rodriguez designs distinctive and elegant mirrors, lamps, sconces, end tables, coffee tables, and candle holders. She works with local and internationally-known interior designers creating exclusive and limited-edition home decor objects. Her larger mirrors are sculpted to represent wood themes hand-painted in a variety of elegant wood finishes and kept in small limited editions for the most discriminating buyers. Other mirrors include a ring of antique-gold pears (other finishes available), grapes on the vine, manzanita branches, and other motifs. Two of her mirrors are based on her bronze sculptures Dreaming Artist and Mother Earth. Ms. Rodriguez is proud to state that all her work is 100% designed, produced, and made in the USA.
Ms. Rodriguez is presently working with Metamorphosis Landscaping, San Mateo, CA as their primary outdoors sculptor and fountain artist.