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Richard Bello was born in 1952 in New York where he spent the fiorst 19 years of his life. His parents were of puertorrican origin. A selftaught artist, Bello began his career in Puerto ico where he has live ever since. He has develop a different approach to artistic expression, taking live models and posing them. He makes plaster molds of their bodies and later excat copies of them.

Throught his works with body casting Bello has created a unique art form which fuses canvas and, ceramic sculpture to express his compelling inner vision and experience. His work is totally existentiallistic and conveys a wide range of human emotions , raging for anger, frustuation and anguish to love, hope, faith and humor. In spite of the condition, his ceramic on canvas works always deliver beauty, harmony and most important liberation.

Bello began drawing, painting and sand sculpting in 1972 and workking with ceramic in 1980. He has been developing his ideas throught body casting since 1982.

His first one man show was held in 1976 at the Old San Juan Cuty Hall. He also had shows at La Fortaleza (Governor’s mansion in Puerto Rico), at the Marrozzini Gallery (also in Puerto Rico), at Jack Gallery (Soho, NYC), and curret exhibition in Botello Gallery at San Juan.

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